Saturday, July 23, 2011

What do you see?

What do you see when you look at the photos hanging on your wall or sitting on your mantle or your end table?

It's more than a photo or a smile.

There are memories attached to those photos.  Look around.  What do you think of?

When I look at the largest photo on my wall - a 14x18 of me and my fiance, BJ - I think of us trying to get the remote to my camera working and how he didn't want to wear the shirt I picked out.  I think of how he didn't want to do photos (never wants to do photos), but he came and smiled because he loves me.  :) 

When I was at a clients' home last week, I saw photos I'd taken at my previous job.  I remembered how shy their son had been, and how we had to have him watch a session, walk around the store, get a snack, and try again.

I was photographing a newborn today for a first-time client.  This was her second baby - she also has a 21-month-old.  She has these beautiful photos on her wall from a popular chain studio (of course I had to try to identify it myself - 1st guess was right).  When I complimented her photos - saying how lucky she was to get good ones - she let out an exasperated sigh and remarked on how horrible it was each time. 

She looks at her photos, and OF COURSE, 1st sees her beautiful first son.  But the 2nd thing she sees is her memory of how awful it was to wait past your appointment time, have a luck-of-the-draw photographer, and a 10 minute session that ends right when your child starts to warm up to the photographer.

Look at your photos.  Is that what you remember? 

Here's what that first-time client had to say, not an hour after I left her home - NOTE:  She has not seen a single photo that I took:

"We were sooooo happy with you and your work, we can't wait for October. Oh and if I can schedule something with you now then that would be great."

What kind of warm memories do you think she'll have looking at the photos of her sons together this time?

Have you scheduled your first session with Kelly E. Lambert Photography yet?  I <3 your kids, and I haven't even met them yet!  :) 
 - I can warm them up for 10 minutes, then have 50 more to get AMAZING photos for you!  (AND I know how to make their serious faces look cute in that first 10 minutes.)
 - I can reschedule at no extra cost if they just aren't having it!  (Hasn't happened yet, by the way.  The most common reaction I get is, "I didn't think any of them turned out, but they are all so cute!  I didn't even see you take some of those!")

Seriously - I WANT to take your photos.  Actually ENJOY it!  Think about the memories you want when you look at your photos.  :)

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