Monday, August 22, 2011

Your Baby is SAFE with me!!

Recently, I've had a few requests for, what I call, the "Heads Up" pose, pictured here:

Each time the parent says, "If we can get him/her to do it."  My response, "Oh trust me, we can!"  Here's why!  It's called Photoshop Composites.  Here are the ACTUAL images that I took of Mr. Lucas!

So, as you can see - there is no risk of your baby's head toppling over.  I've been thinking about doing a hammock photo lately, and just found this little article about it.  Another fun safety one with "pull backs" if you're interested!

So, yet another reason to choose Kelly E Lambert Photography?  Kelly keeps your baby safe!  :)   Oh, and she's got MAD Photoshop skills!  :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What to wear, what to wear?!

I know everyone wonders what to wear for their photo shoot!  You want everyone to coordinate, and you don't want your clothes to distract from the main focus - YOUR FAMILY!  (And you don't want your clothes to >>gulp<< make you look bigger than you are!)  Here are some links and images to help you prepare for your photo session!!!

A GREAT blog post on how to build your outfits!  MUST READ! 

And another FUN blog post on how to choose outfits!  

Be Photogenic!
 (Notice that there is a Google AD in step 1 - no additional tips if you click it.)

What to Wear with Examples

A Little Bit Rock & Roll What to Wear Guide 

Spring 2012 What to Wear Guide

February 2012 What to Wear Guide

January 2012 What to Wear Guide

New What to Wear Guide for the End of Summer!

What to Wear Guides

July 2011 Guide
 Fall 2010 Guide
This is last year's fall guide, so you may not be able to find these exact fashions.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rock the Shot's August Photo Challenge: Silhouettes

I've been trying to do some more silhouettes recently, with evening light being GREAT for these (and evening being the only bearable time to shoot in this heat!)  This one is from last summer.  It was Lauren & Steve's engagement session.  There is this spot at Homestead Park in Hilliard, Ohio that I have great luck at getting nice silhouettes.  I processed this one with Gypsy by Florabella.

Rock the Shot