Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Greyhound Coats

I have had several people ask me for instructions on how to make the coats & jammies I made for my greyhound babies this past Christmas.  I wish I had taken photos as I made them! 

Here's a place that sells these coats and donates the profits - http://www.kriskoats.com/
And another place that sells greyhound coats - http://dogedesigns.com/greyhound.htm#SWEATSHIRT 

Here's where we got our Martingale collars & matching leashes - http://www.talktothepawcollars.com/martingale-order

Here are patterns for coats - (toward the bottom) http://www.squidoo.com/retired-racing-greyhounds 


I made my dogs' coats out of fleece.  To know how much, measure from just behind your dog's ears to as long as you'd like the coat to be - one of my dogs is usually hot, so her's goes just to the top of her tail.  The other dog is cold, so hers goes about 4 inches past that.  You don't want it too long, or they accidentally pee on it!!  (The width is standard, and will be enough for the width of a normal grey.)

The great thing about fleece is that it doesn't fray, so the edges don't *need* to be sewn. 

Here are some images of the coat that came with Gorgeous - 

Don't forget to leave extra fabric for the belly flap (bottom middle).

Inside view of the neck - elastic inside.
I'd actually make the slit for the collar a little bit higher up.

 Here are some images of the pajamas I made for the girls -

I used two fabrics, but it can easily be done with one.

Inside view of the 2nd fabric attachment.  No elastic on the jammies for comfort.


I also used snaps instead of velcro on the belly flap, because velcro gets fuzz stuck in it and eventually stops working. 

I hope this helps a bit!  Without having taken photos as I went, it's hard to put together a tutorial.  Hopefully between these, the patterns, and the ordering sites, you'll be able to make some cute doggie wear of your own!! 

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