Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Death of a Tickle Stick

I know you've all seen my funny photos of kids tickling me and their parents with my tickle stick...tonight, we mourn the loss of the first tickle stick I bought when I struck out on my own in January 2010. 

Our new adopted greyhound, Gorgeous, likes to "steal" things and take them to her "nest" in the living room.  Tonight, she disappeared and RAN back in with my tickler!  Like the good "mom" that I am, I got out my phone video camera, followed by my D7000 to document her fun! 

Here's a link to watch some of the fun:  Gorgeous Kills the Tickler

And here are some of the highlights:

"What, mom?"
"I love this stick!"
Hacking up feathers?  (Not really - I watched her the whole time.  No feathers eaten!)
Reveling in her work!
"And I'm spent!"

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