Monday, August 22, 2011

Your Baby is SAFE with me!!

Recently, I've had a few requests for, what I call, the "Heads Up" pose, pictured here:

Each time the parent says, "If we can get him/her to do it."  My response, "Oh trust me, we can!"  Here's why!  It's called Photoshop Composites.  Here are the ACTUAL images that I took of Mr. Lucas!

So, as you can see - there is no risk of your baby's head toppling over.  I've been thinking about doing a hammock photo lately, and just found this little article about it.  Another fun safety one with "pull backs" if you're interested!

So, yet another reason to choose Kelly E Lambert Photography?  Kelly keeps your baby safe!  :)   Oh, and she's got MAD Photoshop skills!  :)

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