Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chase & Jenna's Deployment Session

I first met Chase & Jenna last November, when I took their engagement photos.  After their gorgeous wedding in December, they moved the next week to California (Chase is a Marine.)  We stayed in contact, and I would say, became friends. 

When they came back to Ohio for Chase's pre-leave visit, I insisted I had to see them, whether they wanted photos or not!  Now Jenna ALWAYS wants photos, and Chase is the best husband ever, so we did photos.  :) 

We took these in Downtown Columbus, Ohio.  Some in the Ohio Statehouse, and in the courtyards there.  Some between Columbus Commons and the Statehouse.  Simply beautiful!  Can you tell how in love they are?  ::sigh::  Enjoy!!

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  1. Of course we became friends silly! Thank you so much for all you do for Chase and I we are very thankful for you!

    P.s. we moved 3 days after our wedding!